A Prayer for Dharma Propagators

By Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Founder of Fo Guang Shan

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
You realized the Truth of the universe over 2,600 years ago.
From that time on, the world has had bright hope;
Since then, Buddhism has spread worldwide.

We are grateful for those Dharma propagators who have benefitted all beings:
They are like lighthouses that provide direction for people;
They are like sweet dew that brings purity and coolness to people.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
The Dharma propagators
Not only must respectfully uphold the pure precepts,
But also have the compassionate vow of liberating all beings;
Not only must they have great knowledge and cultivation,
But also right understanding and right view;
Not only must they have dignified manners,
But also merits, virtues, and an untarnished reputation;
Not only must they have eloquence,
But also honesty and righteousness.

Oh Buddha! May they follow your steps:
To embody your spirit of exercising both compassion and wisdom;
To embody your skillful means in teaching according to capabilities;
To embody your fearless courage to liberate all beings;
To embody the incisiveness of your unhindered eloquence.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
In order to propagate Buddhism:
Some leave their hometowns and travel to strange lands far away;
Some cross miles of deserts alone;
Some endure hunger and cold as they travel over mountains.

In order to propagate the Dharma,
They accept adversity philosophically,
They are quite content, even when facing setbacks;
They disregard praise and criticism without any grudge or regret.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
In this contemporary era,
Deviant teachings are widespread;
Superstitions are commonly seen;
Discipline and ethics are destroyed.
We need people of virtue
To illuminate the dark corners with your Buddha light,
To wash away the unwholesome deeds with your cleansing Dharma-water.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
We pray to you to bless and protect
Their safe and peaceful opportunities,
And their resolute minds that seek enlightenment;
We pray that they will be free from physical and mental sickness,
And be able to break past hindrances and difficult situations.

May your Truth reach all beings in the three thousand chilocosmos;
May your great Dharma be promoted and developed in all nations.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha,
Please accept our sincerest prayer!

Oh great, compassionate Buddha,
Please accept our sincerest prayer!

Namo Sakyamuni Buddha

(Excerpted from “A Prayer for the Dharma Propagators (為弘法者祈願文)” from Pearls of Wisdom: Prayers for Engaged Living II by Venerable Master Hsing Yun)