A Prayer for Those Entering Adulthood

By Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Founder of Fo Guang Shan

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

The youths that now stand before you,

Supported by the blessings and good wishes of their parents and relatives,

Will soon enter adulthood.

From this day forward,

They will begin another stage in life:

From family to community,

From school to society,

From the individual to the group.

From now on, within their families,

They will shoulder greater responsibility

And need to support their parents.

From now on, within our society,

They will contribute what they have learned

And do good deeds to benefit humankind.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

These youths will no longer enjoy the favors from others;

Now they must strive to repay society.

From this moment on, may they:

Have dignified conduct and the virtue of gratitude;

Have an intelligent mind and magnanimous tolerance;

Have an open, broad mind and a forthright disposition;

Gain the respect and earn the friendships of others.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Under the guidance of your wisdom:

May they be steadfast in their work;

May they be respectful and amiable in conducting affairs;

May they be cooperative in collaborative creations;

May they be accustomed to benefiting the society.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Please grant them fine qualities,

Please grant them favorable causes and conditions.

They may encounter many setbacks and failures,

Thus we pray to you to comfort and protect them.

Should they fall down,

Please help them understand the obstacles and rise again with courage;

Should they be discouraged,

Please help them self-examine and exert themselves with renewed confidence;

Should they face any hardships,

Please help them analyze calmly and break through attachments;

Should they be confused,

Please help them see the goal and remain unshakably determined.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

These young people are unafraid of difficulties;

We thus pray to you, Buddha:

May these young disciples of yours:

Not have excessive hopes but grasp the present moment;

Not have wild fantasies but plant their feet on firm ground;

Not let unintentional negligence proceed to violate just principles;

Not have unrestrained attachments but to cherish all causes and conditions.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Please accept our sincerest prayer!

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!

Please accept our sincerest prayer!

(Excerpted from “A Prayer for Those Entering Adulthood 成年禮祈願文)” from Pearls of Wisdom: Prayers for Engaged Living by Ven. Master Hsing Yun)