A Prayer For Adolescent Girls

By Venerable Master Hsing Yun
Founder of Fo Guang Shan

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Adolescence is the most precious time in a woman’s life.
This is the time where they are young and innocent like a blossoming flower

However, this is also the time that
They are easily tempted by unwholesomeness,
And influenced by their surroundings.

Some of them fell into despair and grievance after choosing the wrong friends;
Some of them were deceived by empty promises and became single mothers;
Some of them were inexperienced with the ways of the world and committed unwholesome deeds;
Some of them were led astray by their desire and unfortunately ruined their lives.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Please give your great assistance to young girls in the world:
May their be physically and mentally safe, and do not suffer from oppression;
May their innocence and sincerity be preserved;
May their path of growing up be smooth;
May their words and deeds be righteous and their temperament graceful.

Oh Buddha!
These youthful girls
Have big dreams and dexterous minds,
Jut like many great women in history:

Madam Curie, the pioneer in physics and winner of the Nobel Prize,
Florence Nightingale, the founder of modern nursing,
Ban Zhao (班昭) the first female Chinese historian, and
Mulan, who took her father’s place to serve in battle.

These women gave rise to great aspirations in their youth,
Which is why they achieved timeless accomplishments.
Their great spirits and virtues
Serves as the best models for young girls.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha!
Please bless and protect all young girls in the world.
May they take advantage of their youth
To enrich their knowledge and inner strength,
To develop special skills and interests,
To forge strong willpower and determination,
And to develop a broad view and magnanimity.

May they emanate the fragrance of virtue;
May they benefit all sentient beings.

Oh great, compassionate Buddha,
Please accept my sincerest prayer!
Oh great, compassionate Buddha,
Please accept my sincerest prayer!

(Excerpted from “A Prayer for Adolescent Girls (為少女祈願文)” from Pearls of Wisdom: Prayers for Engaged Living II by Venerable Master Hsing Yun)